Our Vision:

  • A thriving network of trails that enable citizens and visitors to discover and enjoy Laurens County’s abundant natural beauty.  
  • A community of healthy families and individuals that leverage the opportunity for outdoor exercise.
  • A broad commitment to the value of nature conservation and the actions to ensure it.
  • A set of flourishing businesses providing a variety of products and services for outdoor enthusiasts.

How We Plan to Achieve that Vision:

Master Plan
Our near term (2016) goal is to develop the Laurens County Trails Master Plan and ensure its adoption and support from government, civic, and community organizations.  The Master Plan includes chapters that cover

  • the benefits of a trails system
  • opportunities for connecting existing natural resources, parks, and trails
  • proposed trails (including the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail)
  • funding strategy
  • plan to ensure that the community is informed, educated, and engaged.

Implement the Master Plan
Ongoing and multi-year actions in collaboration with government, civic, and community organizations to

  • Implement the proposed trails (with an initial focus on extending the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail)
  • Lead fund raising from multiple public and private sources
  • Involve and engage the community.